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Sometimes A Cover is Good, Then the Remix is Even Better

I remember hearing Nina Simone on a friend’s stereo back in the early 90’s. This particular stereo had graphic equalizing settings that made her version of “Black Is the Color” sound so eerie that I knew I was on to something with her music. Since that time as a record digger I’ve bought everything I […]

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Paul Weller: The Changingman

I live in the US. I’m from the UK. I think that this gives me a bit of perspective when commenting on the attitude towards music in the two countries. A bit of perspective; that’s all. So here goes: I’m going out on a limb. Paul Weller should be bigger out here in the US. […]

defining freethinking James Poole

Broadening horizons

1993. I scarcely believe that it was that long ago that I was dropped off by my parents at university. A naïve, fresher-faced, significantly slimmer (a ‘lanky streak of piss’ is one way of putting it) version of me. And I had bad jeans. I envy this streak of piss on a regular basis. Yes, […]

defining freethinking DJ Prestige

More First freethoughts

The Original Funky Drummer Art Blakey Over the last few weeks I have been listening to a great big pile of music. First and foremost, I have been listening to an awful lot of Jazz, specifically Hard Bop. I’ve been revisiting artists like Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers Ugetsu, At the Jazz Corner of […]