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The Police: a perfect fit for freethinking

I was born in 1975. This puts me at 11 years old when just about the most exciting news came my way. When the music video for a track that I didn’t know was incoming burst onto my TV set, I was jumping for joy, and reaching for the [record] button on my VCR. Looking […]

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Radio 2 Listeners: I’m revoking your license to have an opinion

Now this is a tough one. The spirit of the freethinking movement is to encourage conversation about music, to encourage opening your mind to new sounds. To encourage an opinion. The problem is, sometimes the opinion seems so totally at odds with ‘what’s right’ that I have to hold my hand up. Here goes… Over […]

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I blame my brother

Music played a huge part of my childhood. I bought my first record at a ridiculously early age. At four, I can’t claim that the money that I handed over for ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ by The Boomtown Rats was really earned. But, the money was there, and I distinctly remember handing it over in […]

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The Police: An unknown classic

It’s really easy to write bands off. Part of the mission statement for this site, and our freethinking nyc night, is to challenge preconceptions. Here’s one for you: The Police. I’ve played a few tracks by The Police at freethinking nyc. Each time, they have gone down well. Here’s where I need to make an […]