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If The Stone Roses reform, you can count me in

You remember where you were when you heard about Princess Diana’s unfortunate demise. Or, where you were as tragedy unfolded on 9/11. Or, if you’re a certain age, where you were when you heard that JFK had been shot. For me, I add another to the list: I remember where I was when The Stone […]

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The best band you’ve never heard of

You’ve probably missed this. My guess is that the music press is barely going to take notice. The NME won’t be screaming a headline, celebrating the tenth studio album of one of the most outstanding contributors to British music over the last 30 years. It’ll go without note – just as the majority of their […]

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Broadening horizons

1993. I scarcely believe that it was that long ago that I was dropped off by my parents at university. A naïve, fresher-faced, significantly slimmer (a ‘lanky streak of piss’ is one way of putting it) version of me. And I had bad jeans. I envy this streak of piss on a regular basis. Yes, […]