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That London

As I type this, I’m en route back to NYC from London. I’m leaving a country that’s in the midst of an awakening. London 2012. The Olympics. A nation feared that it would screw it up royally has realised that it’s actually quite good at stuff. Gone are the fears that London would come across […]

James Poole

Beyond eleven

Loud concerts can sometimes be bloody wonderful. Case #1: the Happy Mondays during their ‘we reformed for tax purposes’ gigs at the Brixton Academy. Bloody marvellous. They were a complete shambles on stage. Never ones to be known for their musical prowess – it didn’t matter. They made up for it – as they did […]

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freethinking NYC Thursdays and Live at the Social

I just wanted to further “big up” James previous post about our last installment of freethinking NYC. Top night all around. To go a bit farther on this thought, I wanted to talk about a DJ mix I heard that sort of pushed me to the freethinking attitude even more. My DJ attitude from the […]