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James Brown: there was (is) none better

Wow. Seriously. James Brown is an artist at the very heart of the freethinking movement. On any given freethinking nyc night, you’ll be guaranteed to hear him, and there’s a fighting chance that you’ll also hear Fred Wesley, Bobby Byrd and Maceo Parker. James Brown changed music. I never saw James Brown play live. The […]

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Christmas funk from James Brown

Let’s not forget James Brown. It’s Christmas. My last post referenced some deep, hard, dirty funk. The tenuous Christmas connection being that I received said funk as a gift from my brother last year. In light of this, I thought it only fitting that I should share some proper Christmas funk from the Godfather himself. […]

defining freethinking freethinking nyc James Poole

The Holy Trinity

Can it be nearly five months since we started this? freethinking nyc, volume 1 took place in May. We’ve seen the summer through, and are about to kick into the full splendour of Autumn in New York. We’ve had some great nights, and the blog posts have been well received. We’ve brought you unheard tracks […]

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Give the drummer some

There are few statements which you can make which are beyond any doubt, despite the fact that there’s no documentary evidence to prove your point. Words which blur the line between fact and opinion. Statements such as: The Beatles changed the world. They did. Next… Ultravox’s ‘Vienna’ shouldn’t have been kept from the number one […]