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2010: Top Ten Albums

So that’s 2010, then. A year of staggering comebacks, of fine funk, and of exciting new music. Sitting here on a flight back to NYC after a Christmas break in the UK, it’s probably as good a time as any to fully reflect on the year, and to take the time to acknowledge the albums […]

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A two man Led Zeppelin

The Black Keys. Holy crap, they’re good. I’ve written about them on here before. They were the band behind one of the loudest concerts I have ever been to. Their brain-mushing volume was part of the beauty of the concert. I had a totally different Black Keys experience last night – in the idyllic surroundings […]

James Poole

Beyond eleven

Loud concerts can sometimes be bloody wonderful. Case #1: the Happy Mondays during their ‘we reformed for tax purposes’ gigs at the Brixton Academy. Bloody marvellous. They were a complete shambles on stage. Never ones to be known for their musical prowess – it didn’t matter. They made up for it – as they did […]