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freethinking bklyn 130314

freethinking bklyn 130314

Picture the scene: I’ve only recently moved to a new neighbourhood. There’s been a huge change in my family life – all for the better. My knowledge of the area is really only that of an infrequent interloper, ‘trekking’ from Manhattan to a Brooklyn ‘hood. Discovering new places requires legwork – and I’m not shy at putting the effort in when finding a place to have a beer whilst listening to some good music.

So, in this context, I’m in a new bar (new to me, at least), and the music catches my interest. I’m the kind of person who really pays attention to the music being played in a bar. I mean really. So, when the music catches my interest, it isn’t just the notion that the music isn’t offensive, or it’s ‘agreeable’ – it’s that it stands out. Even in NYC; it stands out. For, in this bar, in Williamsburg, thousands of miles from Manchester, I hear ‘Lucinda’ by A Certain Ratio. I’ve never heard this track in a bar. Ever. Yes, this is a place for me.

It turns out that the bar in question, The Bedford, has sounds curated by the good people at the finest record store that NYC has to offer, Other Music. As soon as I heard that this was the case, things started to slot into place… and a the rightful home for freethinking bklyn was pretty apparent.

On Thursday March 14th, freethinking finds a new home in a new borough. I’m excited. It’s a new beginning.

Thursday March 14th, 10PM – LATE (note the new time)
The Bedford, on the corner of Bedford Av and North 11th St
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Open minds welcome…