James Poole recommendations

Expensive Northern Soul

Feeling down? Here’s a musical cure. I’m not sure if I buy the story about this being The Most Expensive ‘45 Of All Time – but I do buy that it’s a slab of bang-on northern soul. And, if your day is tinged with even a hint of something not going in your favour, slap this on, and all will be OK.

‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’ by Frank Wilson (he penned ‘Stoned Love’, don’t you know) is a beast of a tune. It’s spectacular – and deserves far wider recognition than the 45-collecting crate-diggers who hold it in high regard. The destruction of the Motown-produced originals being the stuff of legend, and a beacon for collectors willing to stump up tens of thousands of dollars for one of the very few copies in circulation.

Ignore the story – and just pay attention to the almost scientific distillation of dance music…