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A sack full of funk: Soul Santa

It’s Christmas. And, have I got a treat for you?

Over the last few months, I have – like so many others – become mildly addicted to For the uninitiated, it’s social networking brought to music. You enter a ‘room’, and five DJs take it in turns to play music. Play the wrong track, and you get booted off stage. Different ‘rooms’ have different themes – you’ll find indie, dubstep, classical, and even freethinking represented. There’s also a space which is fast becoming legendary: the Funk and Soul Cave. I’ve heard more lost funk and soul rarities over the last couple of months than I have for years. People who know a little about music, coming together to share their passion – and opening their virtual crates to the masses. It’s great. I said ‘mildly addicted – in truth, it’s probably more like crack.

And so, with Christmas upon us, here’s an outrageously good slab of funk to celebrate the season. I heard this tune earlier in the week in the Funk and Soul Cave. Whoever played it – and I truly can’t remember for the life of me which regular it was – deserves a sack load of funk to be delivered down their chimney tonight. It immediately became a seasonal staple for me.

I couldn’t wait to share this. If you haven’t heard it before, Funk Machine’s ‘Soul Santa’ is about to become a part of your Christmas. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

While the freethinking movement is about blurring genre boundaries, keeping it funky is a common theme. There’s always room for funk and soul in your life.

Merry Christmas

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