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The many versions of ‘Where’s Your Love Been?’

Talkin’ Loud was pretty much always reliable. From the heavyweights of Omar, Galliano and the Young Disciples through to the lesser known artists like the K-Creative – in the early 90s there were few labels which you would look to for a safer bet.

It was with this in mind that I remember picking up a copy of ‘Where’s your Love Been?’ by Heliocentric World. I knew nothing about it – and still don’t – other than it was on Talkin’ Loud, so it was worth a pop. I still give it a run out when DJing today. It’s a great slice of soulful pop.

Last week a mate sent me a rough cut of some music he was pulling together. I think he was shocked to hear my positive reaction (he had warned me a number of times that it was a very early cut, and that it needed more work). It was really good stuff. Instantly, I was reminded of this old Talkin’ Loud release. It just had the same energy – the same groove.

I should be chuffed about where this led. Instead, I am gutted. For years, I never knew that the track below existed, that Heliocentric World didn’t do the original ‘Where’s Your Love Been?’ And, what’s more – Laura Yager’s version is a peach.

This was dropped at freethinking nyc, volume 23 last week. DJ Prestige was taken immediately. I am sure that you will be, too…

And here’s the Heliocentric World release that I always took as the original. Fool that I am…

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The Laura Yager version is good, but it’s not the original. The song was first released in 1972 by Sandra Rhodes. Another version by her sister Donna Rhodes was released a year later. Both versions are great and they have been reissued on the Country Got Soul compilation and a couple of Hi Records compilations respectively.

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