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Come on NYC – get with Steve Mason

You know how certain music just makes you feel a few feet taller? Last week, I heard ‘Dry the Rain’ by The Beta Band. I had to smile. There’s literally nothing wrong with the track. Nothing. The Beta Band performed that unique trick – they knocked out a short, but almost perfect body of work. Every album, every E.P. – brilliant. There’s nothing ‘spare’.

And so, it’s hardly surprising that Steve Mason, from The Beta Band, released one of the finest albums of 2010: ‘Boys Outside’. Every track has this ‘feeling taller’ impact on me. Don’t get me wrong – it’s far from a happy body of work – but it is just spot on. It’s like a grown up version of The Beta Band. Which, I suppose, is pretty much the point.

I live in New York. A lot of bands make their way from the UK to play here. Seeing relatively big British acts in small, intimate settings is one of the many things I love about this city. Steve Mason was scheduled to head over to these shores at the back end of 2010 in order to perform at a tiny venue. I was excited. Then, as with a few concerts over the past couple of years, it was canned: a lack of demand cited as the reason.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I am all in favour of people forming their own opinion about music. As long as they don’t like Muse. But, when an artist of the calibre of Steve Mason is not garnering enough interest to justify a gig in New York, then I have to question the people who I share this city with. It’s New York, for god’s sake. NEW YORK. Steve Mason doesn’t generate enough interest, but Vampire bloody Weekend can sell out THREE NIGHTS at Radio City? I mean, come on.

Hey – New York – just please check out the clips below, and get your priorities sorted. I’m a little bit ashamed of you right now…

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Saw Steve Mason + band in London at Field Day over the summer and it was one of my highlights in a great day of music. I live in NYC and was really bummed when the show got cancelled. The album is a winner for sure and he’s a great live performer.

Spot on, James. Loved the greatness of The Beta Band, and love Steve Mason’s solo work. NYC doesn’t know what it’s missing (because if they did know, they wouldn’t miss it).

Tremendous album. Saw his live gig at XOYO in London last year, phenomenal. Now living in NYC, if we have to buy 20 tickets each to get a gig on then we should.

Find the original videos for Lost and Found and Am I Just a Man on YouTube; great tracks both from the album above. Also Steve’s pseudonym King Biscuit Time track I Walk The Earth. All great stuff.

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