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And the best song of 2011 so far is…

Strap yourself in for this. Here’s your new favourite track, by your new favourite band.

When a band comes out of nowhere with a tune of this calibre, it makes you realise that there was a void in the musical landscape. I’m talking about perfect, infectious pop – completely nailed with polish and a swagger befitting a band with the confidence of youth.

Brooklyn-based ‘Friends’ (terrible name, and not really thought through in this Google age) have hit pay dirt with ‘I’m His Girl’. You won’t hear a better song this year. I really mean this.

Sit back, and revel in the opening drum loop giving way to a funk-driven bass line. Check out the lazy vocals, and the gradual build of a song that’s burying itself into your head. Marvel at the simplicity of a track that’s with you for less than three minutes, but serves as a calling card for a band that you’ll hope will be around for years to come.

I bloody love this.

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