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Your new favourite band

That’s it. Let me introduce you to your new favourite band. Delphic 2.0 (or New Order 3.0). They are Everything Everything. And they are quite special.

DJing is great fun. It forces you to search through your collection, and to dig out tracks that you’d overlooked. You listen to albums that you bought on a whim, two years ago, and discover that ‘actually, it’s alright’. Writing about music takes this to the next level. You find yourself reflecting on what has led you to a particular track, or band. You find yourself digging even further into your collection, and across the internet. You get recommendations. So much music, so little time…

This is the best bit. Coming across new music – or old, forgotten masterpieces – which you’d failed to find before. As I write more, and speak to more people about DJing, I am finding more and more new music. It’s bloody great.

And so, Paul: thank you. I owe you a pint. Or two. And maybe a bag of bacon crisps. Everything Everything are bang up my street. They will feature at freethinking nyc a lot.

Let me play my first excuse card: I don’t live in the UK any more. I had totally missed them. As I write this, I realise that people in the UK are probably watching them perform on ‘Later with Jools Holland’. I’m not. I realise that people have probably heard them on BBC 6 Music. I haven’t. Instead, I’m sitting here, listening to their debut album, ‘Man Alive’, for the first time. I am immediately taken.

They sound almost annoyingly youthful to my 35-year-old ears – I only say this out of sheer envy towards a bunch of lads who can conjure up an album infused with so much energy, passion and diversity. Take a bit of Franz Ferdinand (you know the bit I mean, the bit that sounds like Talking Heads), add in a dollop of Delphic, and maybe even The Gossip (if Beth Ditto sounded like a bloke form England), and you may be getting close. Ish. Actually, the Franz Ferdinand comparison may be worth pursuing further – Everything Everything sound like Franz Ferdinand wanted to on their second album.

They’re touring now across the UK, and head out to NYC later this month. I can’t bloody wait.

And, this makes a change for a band that I am writing about: they’re not from Manchester. Well, they’re not all from Manchester, at least…

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