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Still Keepin’ It Funky Now, 40 Years Later

James and I have said it before, and I will say it again. We like to keep things Funky here at the freethinking movement. I’ve always been about the Funk and about the drum break, whether it be Thin Lizzy, The Jackson 5, or a band like the Dave Pike Set. You see, that’s how we do here. We’re not just gonna slam stuff together either, we want you to feel it. We want you to, as James Brown said: “Get Up, Get Into It, and Get Involved” people. We don’t claim to be experts, if you have some stuff you’d like to hear at free thinking nyc, by all means, let us know. We both love to get turned on to music, old or new. That’s what drives us here, the music. It’s what separates our night from the others, and we stand by that statement 100% percent.

How about some bugged out Italian combo going nuts on this next selection? This tune is filled with piano, heavy drums, choppy guitars, and more percussion than you can shake your ass to? That’s what you get from 1970 people, with Mario Battaini and his band aka The Duke of Burlington doing a cover of the Marquis of Kensington’s “Flash”. Equal parts Jazz Funk with some Disco thrown in plus a psychedelic twinge for good measure, Battaini and company smoke this tune. Apparantly Mario went on to record Accordian Jazz later in his career, talk about range! The original version (done three years prior) has more jangly guitars, but it too, really is a fantastic piece of music as well. This is the sort of later on night jam we like to throw in to get things moving. I often use the word infectious to describe a groove (maybe too often), but when you listen to this 40 year old tune, I dare you not to nod your head (again!). Another useless fact: you British film buffs might have heard The Duke of Burlington’s song “30 60 90” in the film Get Carter. Don’t even get me started on that soundtrack, perhaps for another post? Keepin’ it Funky once again my friends. Cheers.

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