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Around My Way

While listening to 100% Homegrown on BBC1 Xtra, I stumbled upon this artist. I was blown away. In the past I’ve listened to UK Hip Hop: Rodney P, Black Twangers, Scratch Perverts, and the like. This track/ video is just brilliant. Everyone has the characters from around their way: be it the paper man, the homeless guy begging for change, the guy who wears cut off denim shorts and has a pair of tits (I swear this guy lives in my neighborhood and his nickname is Hooty McBoob), and so on. Well, it appears that Mystro, the UK Hip Hop artist with the buttery smooth flow, wants you to know about people around his way. Produced by Kiss FM’s DJ Swerve, to me, it’s the hottest world wide Hip Hop song out there today, and guess what? No one out of the UK probably has not heard of it. While everyone’s panties are in a bunch about Nicky Minaj, Mystro is keeping it REAL. The Natural Born Spittaz honcho’s 5th effort from his upcoming Digmund Freud Ep is a prime example of freethinking.

While everyone else is rhyming about Bentley’s, wearing pink diamond baseball bat chains, or naming themselves after a drug dealer from Miami, the Milkman aka Mystro is the surprise Summer theme for me. I can not get enough of this track, and believe you me, it’s going to go into rotation here at freethinking nyc. There are classics, and there are classics, and “Around My Way” is destined to be a future classic in my book. Keep an open mind, music is global, and you just might be surprised at what the other side of the pond is churning out. Who is around your way? Check out the part in the video when he raps on the Tube, but has to get off mid rap at his stop.

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