defining freethinking James Poole

First freethoughts

It seems entirely appropriate to be writing my first blog entry after a week of listening to a heap of new music. So, new material (or at least new to me) from Alice Russell, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, and Lou Bond have all been thoroughly enjoyed this week. Here’s the thing – and hopefully a great way to kick off an explanation of freethinking: while checking out the new Gorrilaz album, Fools Gold and Beach House, what’s the thing I have been mainly getting into this week? The Commodores. Yes, you read that right: Lionel Richie and his mates. And I make no apology. Sail On is just a cracking tune. No arguments.

And so, here’s my first example of freethinking. There’s some great new music out there (if you haven’t heard Alice Russel’s belting version of Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, then I suggest that you sort that out ASAP). But, let’s not forget some of the older tunes that still stack up today – even if you may have thought that they were ‘iffy’ at best the first time around…